Who Else Wants More Bookings
More Sales And More People
Joining Their Team?

If you’re a Direct Seller specialising in Party Plan then you know ... to be successful ... you've got to learn how to book, sell and sponsor with ease.  

And ... if you’re a leader not only do you need to do this yourself you’ve got to learn how to teach others to do it too.

The big problem is … 

Doing these things is much harder than most people anticipate.

So if you’re …

  • Struggling to fill your calendar or finding it hard to get parties to hold
  • Experiencing inconsistency with your personal sales
  • Finding it challenging to get people interested in joining your team 

Or maybe you’re …

  • Lacking in self belief or you’ve lost confidence in yourself
  • Struggling to get the balance between business and family life
  • Or pulling your hair trying to find ways to motivate your team (or yourself) 
Whatever your situation is …
I believe there’s always a way forward 
and I’m here to help you find it.

I know without doubt you can create, a profitable business you love, without being pushy, without harassing your family and friends and without spending every waking moment of your day working your business. I know it’s possible because I taught myself how to do it and I’ve taught lots of other women to do it too. 

Women who’ve completely lost their confidence, have gone from having no bookings in their calendar, to doing 3 or 4 parties a week. 

Women who were once terrified of becoming a leader have created thriving teams, transforming not just their own lives but the lives of many others as well. 

I’ve watched women who started their business to make a few extra dollars a go on to support their whole family with the money they earn from their business. 

I’m passionate about helping you achieve greater levels of success in your businesses. 

And that’s why I’ve created the Party Plan Academy, an online business school helping women just like you create a profitable Party Plan business you love.

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So what exactly is the Party Plan Academy?

The Party Plan Academy (or PPA as we call it) is an online business school for Direct Sellers specialising in Party Plan.

By joining the Party Plan Academy you'll learn, step by step, how to create a highly profitable business ...

  • Without being pushy
  • Without harassing your family and friends
  • And without compromising spending time with your loved ones

When you join the Party Plan Academy you become part of a vibrant community of passionate Party Planners who will support you in times of challenge and cheer you on in moments of triumph.

The training is delivered online via video and can be accessed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.    We also provide an audio version of the training so you can learn on the move plus a fun sheet to get you into action.

When you join the Party Plan Academy
You get immediate access to as STEP BY STEP program
comprising of 56 videos plus DOWNLOADABLE audios
you get to keep ... even if you leave after a month!

Whilst you'll learn creative ways to book, sell and sponsor, we know creating sustainable success is so much more than these three things alone. 

When you join the Party Plan Academy you'll also learn ... 

  • How to create unshakeable confidence and belief in your ability to succeed (a must if you want people to join your team)
  • The keys to developing a loving and respectful relationship with yourself (for many people this has been life changing)
  • How to effortlessly and easily engage people in conversation ... anywhere ... anytime
  • How to overcome procrastination and take massive action - when you work for yourself you've got to be able to do this
  • How to tackle objections before they become an objection - so much better to be proactive than reactive with this stuff
  • The secret to dramatically reducing postponements and cancellations - this has been a game changer for many 
  • How to become a leader people will trust to guide them to success (this is applicable when it comes to you trusting you as well)
  • How to use your Natural Gifts and Talents so there is more ease and less struggle when it comes to growing your business

Plus much more.

"Finally someone with something new to share in our industry"

I’d been in Party Plan for nearly 9 years when I first came across Lyndsey Baigent’s Party Plan Academy.  

I was skeptical about joining but did so thinking to myself ... 

“I’ve probably heard it all before but I’ll join anyway because maybe I can learn some different word choices”.   

When I listened to the first training module, I knew I was going to get much more from this programme than just new word choices.  Finally someone with something new to share in our industry!   

Rhiannon Jordan
Business Manager - Envy Jewellery

So what's next ...

To gain instant access to the videos, downloadable audios, masterclasses and our exclusive Facebook group ... click on the 'join now' button below.

Just imagine how different your life will be when you're booking, selling and recruiting consistently and with ease. 

And you know the best part ... 

You can learn how to do it all for just $7 a month.

When you join you'll gain immediate access to 56 videos plus downloadable audios.

You'll be invited to join your fellow Party Plan Academy members for our exclusive monthly Masterclass.   

And you'll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook group where you'll meet some of the most big hearted women I know.   

If in the unlikely event you don't absolutely love it you can cancel your membership simply and easily by sending us an email. 

And ... 

If for whatever reason you do decide to leave ... you even get to take all the downloadable audios with you! 

Learn how to book, sell and sponsor with ease now by clicking on the button below. 

Your fellow Party Plan Academy members and I look forward to welcoming you into our community. 

Lyndsey xo

(Just some of the 1000+ members of the PPA community)

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$27 USD per month
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Here's what just some of our members have to say ...
I achieved new heights and milestones I never thought were possible

My business grew by 100% last year, as I achieved new heights and milestones I never thought were possible. I have just come back from spending 8 days in Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand which was the first high achievers goal I have reached in 4 years.
Thank-you Lyndsey and the PPA team for making such a welcoming & inspiring place for Party Planners to come together and shine.”

Debbie Green - Kaszazz

Tripled my bookings in a month and added 11 new members to my team

PPA has made such an amazing difference to my business. Not only have I tripled my bookings within one month, my team has grown by eleven as well.   Teaching my team what I have learnt has led to one of my newest team members sponsoring 5 in her first month and 3 in her second month. Thank you so much. I am truly grateful for what you have shown me.   

Kirstie Beveridge - Nutrimetics

The members are so encouraging and supportive

Having access to your group mentoring calls and the community group on Facebook has been an invaluable addition to my business.  All of the members are supportive and encouraging, and give me the inspiration I need to succeed. Thankyou for introducing me to this world Lyndsey, the work that you and your team do is so wonderful for all "party-planners" and with your constant encouragement, I know I can succeed in my business.

Tamarah Calder - Nature Direct

Join Today For Only
$27 USD per month
(Cancel Anytime)
A message from Lyndsey Baigent
(Founder of Party Plan Academy)

My name is Lyndsey Baigent and for the past 16 years I’ve been involved in the wonderful world of Direct Selling.

For the first 6 years I was working as a consultant and building my team.

After moving to a new area where I new no one, I grew a million dollar team, generated personal sales in excess of $100,000 per year and did on average 20-25 parties per month.  

I was usually booked out 3-4 months in advance with a waiting list of people keen to book if a party postponed or cancelled (they rarely did).  In my busiest month I did 42 parties.

My mission today is to help you create a profitable business you love so you can enjoy more of what is important to you and make a bigger difference in the world.

Having successfully helped thousands of Party Planners to turn their dreams into reality, my hope is I have the privilege of helping you to do the same.

Lyndsey xo

Copyright 2015 - Lyndsey Baigent